Siegfried / Oldenburg

" Zoltán Nyári is Siegfried. with never ending power and imposing splendor he sings the gigantic play from the heroic Schmiedliedern over the lyric wood-weawing up to the ecstatic final without least fatigue phenomena and with continuous beautiful tone." (Der Opernfreunde )

"Zoltán Nyári is Siegfried. With never ending power and imposing splendor he sings the gigantic play
from the heroic smithy songs over the lyric wood weaving up to the ecstatic finale without least
fatigue phenomena and with consistently nice tone. With this achievement he could be welcome to
the biggest houses." ( )

"But big opera in small houses is also an incredible opportunity, especially if the director and general
music director still believe in the good old city theater and not only fill the hammer parts with singers who quickly import them to the house for the performance. One of these ensemble members in Oldenburg is the Hungarian tenor Zoltán Nyári. He also sang at big houses like the Semperoper, but now belongs to the permanent ensemble in Oldenburg. He wields his Siegfried impressively cleverly so that in the last act he still has breath, voice, legato and height to lift a goose bump final. Sure, on the way there he sometimes spares himself, he also sometimes lacks the concentration (as the
orchestra) to savor every nuance, some is rattled through in staccato, but one likes to watch Nyári,
feels that there is still a lot of potential . This debut could be a start for the big Wagner-Fach at big
houses. And in the end, the Stadttheater adventure is about listening to tomorrow in the present." ( )


"Zoltán Nyári (tenor) is celebrated as a hero of the title. The ensemble and the Staatsorchester under
Hendrik Vestmann present themselves in top form.
….And above all there are the singers. Zoltán Nyári's Siegfried is bursting with energy, so really heroic.
His compelling tenor develops almost Italian bel canto when immersed in melodies in the midst of
many recitative movements. The Hungarian, as strong in the Oldenburg ensemble as most others,
also gains many nuances from the piano." (,2,2351830177.html )

"Zoltán Nyári as Siegfried, and her partner as Brünhilde take full advantage of the vocal virtues demanded here, mastering the demanding vocal tasks of their roles with flying colors." (Opernwelt )


"... Zoltán Nyári skillfully represents the strong and weak sides of this alleges hero. The new Oldenburg ensemble member has a powerful tenor who did not experience any sign of fatigue on the premiere. Although not every phrase succeeded in perfection, but how he varied between delicate lyric and maximum vocal employment was absolutely worth listening to." (Opernglas )

"This Oldenburg production also came up with very good singers... Zoltán Nyári has a voice that is obviously too big for the Oldenburg House. But he lets this murderous lot through without loss and showed no signs of fatigue." (Die neue Merker)

Tristan / Hagen

".... Zoltán Nyári has been hired for the extremely demanding role of Tristan. The Hungarian tenor, in this production especially demanded by acting, did not save with vocal expression and had even in the third act, in the long monologue of Tristan, enough reserves for the high notes of this enormous Wagnerian work and mediated through his impressive game much of the suffering and the inner torment of the unfortunate hero Tristan. Much applause also for him. "( )

With the soloists, the Theater Hagen is lucky, although a good Tristan is even harder to find than true love. The Hungarian tenor Zoltan Nyari encounters this in every respect extreme game with much respect and well-divided strength. Again and again he lets the lyrical highlights of the game appear cultured, but when it comes down to it, he effortlessly drowns out the loud orchestra. ( )

"Zoltán Nyári is a Tristan, who gives a certain nonchalance in acting and vocal. Up to the fabulous mastered fever fantasies in the third act, he shows no weaknesses." ( )


"Zoltán Nyári began his career as an actor, which can be seen from his stage presence. The change to the singer happened via operetta / musical, in the opera, the Hungarian tenor has long since reached the heroic subject. How he finally masters the exhausting third act with never-ending power reserves is truly unique. "(

Psalmus Hungaricus / Munich

"The tenor solos of Zoltán Nyári are also close to the listeners in their highest expressivity." (Munchener Abendzeitung)

Die Zirkusprincessin / Komische Oper Berlin

"Zoltán Nyári tenor, with and without an incognito glitter mask, is a powerful, heroically defiant Mister X, who fully fulfills the expectations placed on him even without artistic tricks."


"In the center of the evening and equipped with the more complex music are Alexandra Reinprecht as Princess Fedora Palinska and Zoltán Nyári as Mister X, overpowered Russian prince... Zoltán Nyári, otherwise mostly heard in Budapest, was successful two years ago in The Duchess of Chicago (Kálmán) at the Komische Oper. As a youthful Heldentenor color, crystal-clear intonation and his design of the big role are a true pleasure."


Tote Stadt / Graz

"Nevertheless,  Zoltán Nyári, who interpreted Paul as a sovereign, textually clear, virile heroic tenor with bronze timbre, proved to be a fortunate stroke of luck: a vocal and dramatic masterpiece!" (Die Presse)

"Every house can only wish such a tenor, in such an extremely demanding role: Zoltán Nyári sings at the Graz Opera House Paul from Korngold's Die tote Stadt with seemingly inexhaustible reserves of strength and to the finals with a tremendous staying power. In addition to this has the hungarian singer a wonderful, colorful, melting tone of voice, bombproof heights and highly understandable diction. And he can also convey deep feelings excessively. A triumph that was rightly acclaimed." (Kurier )

"Zoltán Nyári is Paul, a height-sure, yet seemingly unpretentious, therefore believably acting tenor, to which the drama is clearly a concern. Admirable, as he finds at the very end still almost internalized tones for the "Glück, das mir verlieb". (Wiener Zeitung online )

"Nyári has everything that the role demands from the tenor: height-secure dramatic singing, coupled with immense radiance in the voice, in some sections heldentenorian, then again melting-hearted. The singer threw himself into the game irrespective of losses and won all the way." (Der Opernglas)



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